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A thousand years ago, the world completely collapsed. War, famine, and greed killed off the human race. Not much remains, except mutants, scum, and robo-people. Humanity is a long lost notion. Everyone must kill to survive. Even Santa.



While INFINITE SANTA 8000 is a very bloody and gory film,
I was surprised that it actually has a pretty pure and charming story.
“Not only one of the best independent films of the year
but I am glad to say one my favorite horror films
in the past few years.”
“A heartwarming tale of holiday spirit, reindeer, nomadic mutants, killer robots, and copious amounts of blood.”

HorrorHound Magazine

“There's a twisted sensibility rampant throughout which balances
nicely with an underlying message of keeping the holiday spirit alive.
*****(out of 5)”
“In the realm of holiday horror movies...this is something that is
really fresh and really different, and just really cool.”
“Start a new Holiday tradition with this murderous, over-the-top, post-apocalyptic
story of hope, cheer and Christmas.”

Trick or Treat Radio

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